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direct logistics operator

We will take the goods from the supplier, we will pack, we will arrange all the documents and deliver to your city in Russia

What we do?


Customs clearance

Warehouse service

Outsourcing FEA



We select the transport and logistics route that is optimal for you, and arrange for the delivery of the goods within the specified time in any convenient way.

Customs clearance

We take care of the customs clearance of cargo at the customs posts of Moscow, the Far East, Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg.

Warehouse service

We consolidate, pack and label your cargo. We provide reliable storage of cargo in our own warehouses in Russia and China.

Outsourcing FEA

Legal and financial advice; support of contracts, lending to customers.

Responsible for your shipment

We make cargo insurance, we are responsible for it in the process of transportation.

Last loads in work

We deliver

Auto and vehicles

Packaging, advertising, office

Bags, shoes and accessories

Clothing, Textiles and Accessories

Metallurgical, chemical, rubber and plastic

House, light and construction

Health and beauty


Gifts, sports and toys

Power tools, parts and communications

Machinery, parts and tools

Agriculture and food

Why New Easy Way?

We love our work

Our team consists of energetic people who love what they do. Impeccable reputation NEW EASY WAY - the result of coordinated work of the whole team.

Conveniently track cargo

Online tracking allows you to retrieve your whereabouts cargo in real time. You are always aware of the situation!

We are always ready to help

A personal manager will support you in any technical issues - 24/7. Our goal is complex solving your problems!

Transparent pricing

The manager will miscalculate and give you a full cost of services, taking into account all possible costs - overpayments are further excluded.

Tasks and Solutions





The trading company for a long time shipped goods in 40-foot containers from each supplier. There was a need to send small quantities of goods from different suppliers without increasing the cost of logistics.


The company NEW EASY WAY offered the client the option of general cargo. At its own warehouse, NEW EASY WAY takes small quantities of goods from different suppliers, consolidates them and sends them to the customer in Russia. Shipments occur on schedule, downtime and cargo delays are excluded.


During the dispatch of goods by transport companies through Kazakhstan and Ussuriysk, the fragile goods received damage and arrived at their destination in violation of the presentation.


NEW EASY WAY offered a delivery route, in which goods are loaded in China in a high-speed container train and under the seals without an overload go to a warehouse in Moscow. The likelihood of damage to the goods is minimized. For fragile and valuable goods, additional packaging services are provided.


The client has long worked with Kazakhstan on logistics issues. Suited the price, however, difficulties created instability of terms and the lack of a full package of documents, which requires Russian legislation. It was necessary to find alternative logistic solutions optimal for the client.


The company NEW EASY WAY offered the client a stable delivery time (18 days) and a full package of necessary documents. The cost of services NEW EASY WAY as close to competitive.


The company carries small consignments of cargo under its contract. The task was to find a carrier company with quality service.


NEW EASY WAY has its own warehouses in China This allowed the client to offer the best logistics routes. NEW EASY WAY is having cargo consolidation services in China and delivery of prefabricated cargo under the client's contract to Russia. All shipments occur on a clear schedule, not spontaneously, like others carriers.


The company is engaged in tenders for the equipment of playgrounds and constantly needs deliveries throughout Russia: Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg. Objective: to deliver goods promptly and without overpayments in these areas.


NEW EASY WAY optimized for customer delivery times in Russia and offered the best options cost of services. Cargo that goes to the cities of the Far East and Siberia, passes customs clearance in Vladivostok, where it is consolidated and sent to destination. Cargo shipped west passes customs clearance in Moscow and further goes to Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg.

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