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Types of containers

Container transport by road is no less popular form of road transport in Russia, than transportation by wagons. The useful volume of the container is slightly less than that of the tented trailer. For example, a standard 40-foot container has a volume of 67 m3.

Cargo transportation in containers has its undeniable advantages. No wonder that containers are the main transport unit for multimodal transport.

In cases where several types of transport are used for the carriage of goods, only the use of containers can significantly reduce losses from damage to the goods during repacking and the cost of time for reloading.

Container classification by length:

20 feet - DC (Dry Container). Cargo capacity (volume) - 27.9 cu. m

These are closed containers: hardtop and walls keep loads from the weather. Neither moisture, nor dust, nor sunlight get inside. At the end of the container is located  wide door, allowing to bring in loads of any dimensions. Similar containers designed for transportation of various non-perishable goods, as well as for their storage. 20-foot containers are used for transportation by sea, on railway platforms and on cars.

We use DC containers (Dry Container) - standard dry universal containers. the size.

40 feet - DC (Dry Container). Cargo capacity (volume) - 67.7 cu. m

These are covered containers: rigid metal walls and a roof allow you to save loads from weather conditions. Hermetic seams protect cargo from moisture ingress of dust and solar rays. 40-foot containers are designed for transportation of small and large goods and for their long-term storage. They are used for transportation by sea, on railway platforms and cars.

40-foot container increased capacity (High Cube) has a cargo capacity of 76.4 cu. m or 30.48 tons.

The doors of the cargo compartment are equipped with insulation, the locks on the doors ensure tightness inside the container. The cargo compartment of the container is equipped with an additional side door which facilitates loading and unloading of goods. The container is suitable for transporting large batches of goods requiring special conditions of storage and transportation.

45 feet (High Cube). It has a volume of 85.1 cu. m.

Container 45 feet used for sea transportation of oversized cargo. Container has increased height. Tara sealed with steel doors. Such a container is beautiful suitable for transporting cars, special equipment, construction equipment. 45-foot high cube containers are used for transportation by sea and on the way to.